Your Aura isn’t only vital for protection but also essential when it comes to attraction. If you find yourself attracting the same situations to yourself, it may be a sign that your Aura is weakened and could use some attention. In this post, I want to talk about three major habits that can affect your Aura and weaken your defense along with your ability to attract and manifest. There are many other things that affect your Aura but these are the three habits that I feel majority of us battle with in one way or another, at some point in time.


When we are over stimulated, it can be hard to connect with ourselves and seem impossible to focus. When I say “over stimulated” I mean engaging in numerous activities sometimes even at once, that cause for large amounts of dopamine to be released. Some may believe they have some underlying disorder that is making it impossible for them to focus, center and relax, when in reality, they are simply over stimulated and could benefit from a dopamine fast. Over the years, more and more platforms have been created that keep us overwhelmingly stimulated. From sports apps that update every few minutes to keep your attention to social media that is designed to keep you engaged and scrolling unlimitedly for hours. When we release large amounts of dopamine in connection to unnatural habits such as interactions on social media, video games and pornography, it can become increasingly harder to feel that same satisfaction we felt at the beginning, the more and more we engage in these unnatural dopamine releasing habits. Where does this come into play in regards to your Aura? Well, when we engage in these behaviors on the daily basis that we do, we weaken our connection with self as we are distracted majority of the day. When we lack connection with ourselves, it is hard to build up the energy that is necessary to protect ourselves along with manifesting and attracting. How we feel internally, is in direct connection with our Aura externally. If we feel these lower vibrational emotions in excess, it wears on us and causes for holes and tears in the Aura. The problem with these habits that cause for high amounts of dopamine to be released is that because these high unnatural amounts are being released, it is harder for us to go without the habits that bring about these releases. We become addicted to the release associated with the habit we’re engaging in, and find ourselves doing them more and more until we find ourselves not being able to go a day or even hours without engaging in them. It becomes harder and harder to go without them and because of that, we find ourselves focusing on external sources of happiness rather than creating them from within.


Are you aware that 42% of the US population is Vitamin D deficient? Meaning that they do not get enough Vitamin D despite The Sun being a FREE and natural supplier of this essential vitamin. Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Vitamin C are just some of the micronutrients that upwards of 40% of the US population aren’t receiving enough of. This of course has to do with how cheap and convenient unhealthier food are in comparison to the nutrient rich foods we need such as fresh fruits and vegetables. When we overload ourselves with foods that are unhealthy for us but “taste good” we aren’t just sacrificing nutrients for the benefit of our taste buds but we are also lowering our spiritual energy and weakening our Aura. When one has a diet high in junk foods such as salty snacks, candy and other highly processed foods, our mental health along with our physical health is greatly affected. When our Physical Body isn’t in great condition, of course our Spiritual Body is affected as well. Vitamin D Deficiency alone can show itself in several symptoms such as Depression, Anxiety, Weakened Immune System and Fatigue! All from not getting enough Vitamin Sun. Imagine the condition of your body and how it’s not functioning at its highest if it does not have all the tools needed to make your body perform better. Majority of adults in the US are addicted to caffeine and white sugar in the form of soda, candies and other junk foods. When we use sugar and caffeine as the foundation of our diet, we suffer mentally and find ourselves moody and even irritable without them. Eating is a natural dopamine releasing habit but the amount of dopamine released when eating has been changed by what we are eating, how much along with how often. Most can attest to how they feel groggy and out of focus without their coffee which is a sign that one is now codependent. When evaluating our lives and patterns, your Aura plays a big part but it is only an after thought for most. I encourage you to spend more time being mindful about the self pleasures we associate with eating. That alone will tell you where you can improve and what you are already doing well.


What time did you go to sleep last night? What were you doing before you went to sleep? What were you thinking about? These are some of the things to evaluate when looking at our sleep patterns and how we approach the necessity that is sleep. 50 – 70 million of adults in the US have a sleep disorder. Around 35% of the adults in the US are sleeping less than 7 hours. You yourself are probably even noticing right now, that you may be sleep deprived and experience grogginess and fatigue on a regular basis. Sleep is an ongoing battle for most adults because of heavy workloads, responsibilities such as children, and distractions. How long isn’t the only important factor when evaluating your sleep patterns. The quality of the sleep also matters. Majority of young adults under 40 are sleep deprived, most reporting short sleep cycles meaning they are not exceeding 6 hours of sleep daily on average. I feel like it is important for me to mention the amount of adults who induce sleep via medications in the US and how more people now than ever, battle with insomnia as a result of anxiety. If you are one of these people, you may have a weakened Aura and notice that your Aura is contracted and very close to you making it difficult to manifest and attract. In efforts to raise our energy and obtain whatever it is we wish, it’s important to apply some habits that help to induce better sleep. Getting enough water, eating your last meal three hours before bedtime and minimizing social media, TV, and other electronic activities before bed, all might assist you to fall asleep when practiced regularly. Your night time routine might already consist of highly beneficial rituals such as hygiene and yoga, but it is also important to include some beneficial nightly vitamins in there like folic acid, and brain building activities such as reading and playing an instrument. Stay away from the device and other triggers of your anxiety before sleep to increase your chances of having a better night’s rest.

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  1. This is a phenomenal well thought out piece of work. I’ve been incorporating the techniques you mentioned into my daily life and I’m seeing a huge difference in mood as well as increased energy/appreciation levels. Thank you so much for your wisdom ❤️

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