The Spiritual Body (Sahu) commonly known as your “Aura”, is your own personal Electromagnetic Field which dictates what you attract and how you protect yourself. The Aura is in direct correlation with your Chakra System and can offer insight on possible imbalances from within. I will be evaluating the overall condition of your Aura such as the colors and shapes associated with it. This reading is ideal for those that are interested in transformation and breakthroughs in efforts to assist with healing. This session is about 1 hour long and includes mediation, diagnosis and remedies. If done in person, you will leave with a physical picture of your Aura.


The Shadow Body (Haidit) is your body that is rooted in Ego. Shadow Work is necessary for fully accessing and charging Higher Chakras ranging from the Heart to Crown. Your Shadow Body harbors all of those low vibrational energies that weigh you down. The Shadow Self is connected to deaths and karmic energies that follow you from past lives. This reading is ideal for those that would like to close gateways and access Higher Chakras. Your Shadow follows you even if you cannot see it, therefore it holds information about patterns that follow you in relationships, your career and family life.  Session is approximately 1 hour long and is centered around cleansing, healing, and confrontation of your “dark side”. Includes meditation as well as remedies.


The Etheric Double or “Astral Body” is the body you travel with between Dimensions and The Astral Plane. Your Dreams are a manifestation of the Conscious as well as your Subconscious Mind. Dreams offer unique clues that I aim to help you interpret in efforts to travel purposefully and heal negative Subconscious Thought Frequencies that impact your Dreams. This reading in particular is ideal for those suffering with nightmares and recurring dreams or for someone who would like to focus on dissecting the meaning of one powerful Dream.  This session is about an hour long and  focused on finding the source of these Dreams and the meaning of these Visions. I offer ways to protect yourself and techniques you can practice in efforts to empower yourself.


Not completely sure where to start? Need to visit more than one topic? This session is for YOU! Focused time to speak One-on-One about whatever is on your mind in regards to your personal Spiritual Journey. We will visit topics of concerns and I will assist by giving you techniques, rituals and remedies to elevate your overall Spiritual Wellness. We are all Spiritually Gifted and during this focused session, we will uncover and discuss the gifts you were bestowed. We will talk about how to develop and nurture these gifts in efforts to enhance your Life and get yourself going in the direction meant for you. We will speak over video chat for about an hour. You will leave feeling renewed, centered and purposeful. A must for those starting out on their path and for those who have walking down their path for some time.


I use the unique information that you brought with you when you arrived Earth Side to give you insight on what makes you uniquely YOU! I will evaluate your entire chart and give you very useful information that can be used to manifest your ideal future. With your Natal Chart information I can tell you more about how to address relationships all the way to giving you suggestions on what career fields might be best for you! This Reading is done in two parts, I interpret the chart and give you all of the information for your records and then we have an over the phone conversation so that you can ask me any specific questions. 


I interpret the charts of two lovers or potential lovers, to give insight on how to make the union last. I identify strengths and weaknesses within the union in efforts to help two lovers maintain a harmonious connection. Ideal for people who are wishing to truly understand their mate and how they can love them in a way that is effective. This Reading is done in two parts, the first being me interpreting both charts independently before comparing them. We then have a conversation over the phone going over the information received and I answer any questions. Ideal for couples waning to know how they enhance and grow their relationship.


I use information from your Natal Chart along with a shuffling and pulling of the deck, to give you a unique overview of what the month has in store for you. Reading is about an hour long over the phone. I pull between 5-7 cards for this reading. This reading is done using the current planetary information for that upcoming month such as meteor showers and planet positions. Ideal for those who have an important month coming up or for those who are interested in what the month may have in store for them.